Dr Rajesh Jain

DR Jain

Dr Rajesh Jain
Joint Managing Director- Panacea Biotec

Dr. Rajesh Jain serves as a Joint Managing Director for Panacea Biotec, providing strategic & visionary leadership, management and guidance; he is responsible for Innovation, Operations, Finance and Business Development. His broad expanse of experience and qualifications in biotechnology enables him to efficiently handle his divergent duties. By sharing ideas and techniques in an enthusiastic and persuasive manner, he provides the most practical and comprehensive solutions to keep the company in front of the industry through innovation. By utilizing outstanding analytical skills and an exceptional knowledge of science, he fortifies policies and strategies that contribute to the company’s overall record of success and maintain its superlative legacy of excellence. As seasoned professional, he utilizes expert judgment and creativity in the analysis of complex issues involving data from multiple sources and variables. Reflecting professionalism, experience, integrity, commitment and perseverance, he plans to remain in his current role and continue growing and expanding with the company.

Outside Panacea Biotec, he is amongst Top 40 Global most influential persons as per the list put together by an internationally reputed organization World Pharmaceutical Frontiers published in SPG Media, London.

His commitment and actions towards making affordable vaccines for mass population across the globe were well appreciated and valued by GAVI alliance and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at pledge conference at London in June 2011. Mr. Bill Gates has himself cherished the efforts taken by Dr. Jain towards this noble act.


As a Chairman of CII National Committee on Biotechnology for second consecutive year Financial Year in 2012-13, he has been driving numerous initiatives for providing better business and regulated environment for nurturing Biotechnology industry in India.